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Seasonal Concerns in Colorado

300 days of sun sounds great, but does it mean you don’t have to worry about the weather at all in Colorado? Yes, but be sure to bring layers wherever you go! Should you be just as carefree about the weather when it comes to your home? Nope. Your home is a valuable asset and […]

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All About Water Sources & Water Damage in Boulder, CO

Affectionately referred to as “the city nestled between the mountains and reality,” Boulder, CO is a great place to call home. With lots of outdoor activities, a close-knit community, and some amazing places to eat and shop, this mountain town is a hub for many people hoping to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. […]

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Break the Mold

We have been preached to forever and a day that you cannot/should not use bleach to kill and remove mold (especially by companies that produce antimicrobial disinfectants*). It’s good advice because there are a number of other drawbacks to bleach – it’s caustic, gives off irritating fumes, doesn’t react well with some other chemicals, lacks […]

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Water Damage Restoration Companies

What to do if you Find yourself in a Water Damage Situation

1). Locate and shut off the source of the water. The closer to the leak’s source the better, but it may be necessary to shut off the whole home/building. 2). Turn electrical power off to the affected area. Avoid electrical appliances, outlets, etc. 3). Protect your keepsakes/valuables by removing them from the affected area (all […]

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