What to do if you Find yourself in a Water Damage Situation

1). Locate and shut off the source of the water. The closer to the leak’s source the better, but it may be necessary to shut off the whole home/building.

2). Turn electrical power off to the affected area. Avoid electrical appliances, outlets, etc.

3). Protect your keepsakes/valuables by removing them from the affected area (all jewelry, fine china, and guns/ammo).

4). Know your rights! Colorado has a law that protects homeowner/business owners from insurance carriers that try to coerce customers to use their “preferred venders”. Click here on the link to see the Colorado Statute.

5). Call 24-7 Restoration (303)-485-1730. We know how to document everything that needs to be documented, and how to get your house back to being your home. We can help you open a claim with your insurance company.