Why People Shouldn’t DIY Restoration Themselves

Disasters strike unexpectedly, causing swift and significant damage to homes and businesses. Whether your building is affected by water damage, mold infestation, fire damage, or smoke, the effects can be catastrophic. You may not be able to live in your home or keep your business open for customers. Getting back your sense of normalcy is likely to be your top priority, but it’s not always something you can accomplish on your own.

When a disaster strikes your Boulder, CO home or business, you want to get your life back on track as fast as possible. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should tackle it alone. Restoring a building after a disaster isn’t the same as taking on a home improvement project. There are many variables that need to be addressed by restoration specialists. Consider these five reasons you should have help from a professional restoration company when cleaning up after a disaster.

Ongoing Damage

Whether you’re dealing with smoke damage or a backed up sewer system, cleanup requirements may appear minor. Yet, there’s more to disaster cleanup than restoring the appearance of your home or business. When a building has been damaged, it may look clean when underlying concerns still exist. Fires can cause structural damage that goes unseen. Smoke can linger, and affect your possessions long after a fire is extinguished. Water damage after a flood can affect your electrical system, and hidden mold can grow behind walls to cause health concerns for years to come.

Restoration experts have the experience and tools to seek out these potential issues and address them during cleanup. Your job will be completed correctly from the beginning, so you’ll have no lingering results of your disaster in the future.

You Don’t Have the Right Tools for the Job

Most people have cleaning tools to take care of their homes and businesses. Unfortunately, these tools typically aren’t suited for disaster cleanup. Flooding requires water extraction and full drying of your home’s structural elements. Many of the water events that affect homes and businesses present microbes and bacteria that can be absorbed by building materials and present ongoing health hazards.

Professional restoration companies have professional tools and powerful yet safe cleaners to address dangerous cleanup tasks. These experts can ensure your building is free of smoke, completely dry after a flood, and mold and contaminant free.

You Might Expose Yourself to Danger

Disasters range from leaky pipes to catastrophic events. Yet, all of them can make your home or business a dangerous place to be. Your building’s structure may be unstable due to invisible damage. Electrical and plumbing systems can sustain damage from flooding or fires. Gas lines can be damaged by any massive event that affects your home.

Rushing to address problems without accurate knowledge can place you and everyone in the area in harm’s way. A variety of factors can put you at risk for electrocution, exposure to dangerous gas fumes and bacteria, or other perils. A professional crew will be trained and equipped to handle these risk factors.

Your Insurance Company Could Deny Your Claim

Home insurance is a valuable protector that can help you deal with the inevitable costs of restoring your home or business after an emergency. However, your insurance provider has the right to deny your claim if your actions don’t align with their requirements. Questionable claims and insufficient documentation of damage are among the most common reasons home insurance claims are denied. Yet, it can be difficult to know the exact procedure you need to follow to file an insurance claim, especially in the chaos that follows a disaster.

A professional restoration team will be well-versed in the process that needs to be followed for an accurate insurance team. Some companies will even directly bill your insurance company, and provide relevant information to back your claim.

You Shouldn’t Have to Face a Disaster Alone

When a disaster strikes, you need a partner in your corner and someone on your side. No one should face a disaster alone. You deserve a professional team to support you during troublesome times and help you navigate the uncertainties that can arise. Without the professional tools and knowledge required to deal with a disaster, you can be in immediate or ongoing danger. Avoid these issues and make your first call for disaster relief the right one. Contact the experts at 24-7 Restoration for professional disaster cleanup that keeps you and those around you safe.