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Wood Floor Drying Services


Wood Floor Drying


OH NO! Your dishwasher (or refrigerator ice-maker) leaked all over your new wood floors in your kitchen? Before another Restoration company comes in your home and turns your home into a demolition site, give 24-7 Restoration a call. Don’t delay because the longer the water sits, the more water is absorbed into your wood floors and then takes longer to properly dry.

 We use the latest techniques and equipment which can dry your hardwood floors in place! Using Injecti-Dry wood floor drying systems in conjunction with state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and professional know-how, we can save you the head-ache of your home being turned into a construction zone, and dry your wood floors in place. Your floors will look as good as or (usually) better than they did before your water-loss. Please call us for details.

Our approach not only saves your home from turning into a major construction site, but helps conserve our environment, and your money!