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Sewage Mitigation and Clean Up Services


Quality Sewer Damage Restoration in Longmont, CO and Surrounding Areas


If a sewage backup has occurred on your property, the most important thing to understand is that the water that has entered your home carries bacteria, viruses, and potentially harmful pathogens on a microbial level. As a result, all porous materials that have been contaminated by the water must be removed to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the occupants. In general, this includes drywall, baseboards, carpet, pads, flooring, and insulation materials.

A Look at the Process for Sewage Cleanup Services

1. All affected areas are contained and put under negative pressure, utilizing HEPA air-scrubbers.

2. All raw sewage is extracted and all porous materials are removed, down to the structural components of the building.

3. After the non-structural, affected components have been removed, the remaining structural portions of the property are then pressure washed with a disinfectant solution and allowed to dwell for 10 minutes. This effectively kills any remaining bacteria, viruses, or pathogens. The disinfectant solution is then extracted and the pressure washing process is complete.

4. Finally, all exposed and affected areas are sprayed with a botanically derived anti-microbial solution called Benefect to ensure the affected areas are safe and ready for reconstruction and hygienic for occupancy.

5. During the mitigation, 24-7's Reconstruction Project Manager will meet with you to set in motion the reconstruction process. We work with your insurance company to pre-approve our estimate and move the rebuild process forward. The pre-approval process gives peace of mind that your insurance company will cover this cost.

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