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Flooded Basement Clean Up


Basement Flooding Clean Up in Longmont, CO


Discovering that your basement is flood is devastating, but before you panic, call 24-7 Restoration.  Acting within the first 24 hours is the most important step in minimizing structural damage and preventing mold growth in your basement.

There are many steps involved in properly cleaning up a flooded basement.  24-7 Restoration goes beyond merely removing standing water.  In order to assure that mold does not overtake your basement and all surfaces remain structurally sound, we take ALL the necessary steps to ensure proper and thorough cleanup.

  • Removal of standing flood water using the Xtreme Extractor, a highly effective water removal system that allows 24-7 to extract clean water from your basement without removing the carpet and pad so that you may continue to occupy your residence.  We also have specialized equipment for hardwood flooring allowing complete preservation of your hardwood floors.
  • Dehumidifying your basement utilizing the most efficient, high-powered fans and dehumidifiers to complete the structural drying process in the least amount of time possible, and preventing the occurrence of mold growth.
  • Providing careful ongoing monitoring to record the drying progress of your property to ensure that all affected areas are thoroughly dried.

Responding to a flood is stressful and scary.  Our highly trained and certified team of professionals is committed to taking over all aspects of cleanup so that you can rest assured that your basement will be fully and safely restored.

At 24-7 Restoration, we understand that worrying about the expense of the disaster is the LAST thing you want to be doing.  With that in mind, our staff is trained to help assist you in understanding your flood insurance coverage and filing your homeowner’s insurance claims.

Let US take over the clean-up AND the stress of your flooded basement!