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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration


Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration


Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

At 24-7 Restoration, we understand that your house is your home and is precious to you and your family. Having a fire and the resulting smoke damage can be a devastating experience and we at 24-7 Restoration are here to help you in your time of need.

24-7 Restoration isn’t just a name, it’s a commitment to our customers to be there when you need us. Fires don’t happen just during business hours, we have emergency crews on-call 24-7 to respond when you need us. We will be at your side, within 1 hour* or we’ll waive any service call fees.

Our System:

Initial documentation – our certified technicians will inspect the damage to your home and provide a written report of exactly what has been damaged and what needs to be done to restore your home and your possessions to their original condition, prior to the fire. This will be done using our insurance pre-approved pricing software, and our report will be sent to you and your insurance carrier. This is instrumental to documenting the scope of work and assuring insurance coverage.

Mitigating Damage - immediate response can prevent further damages! We take these steps initially to protect your home and your positions. This includes water removal if fire fighters were called out, and boarding up your home, if any windows, doors, or access was opened up during firefighting efforts. These first steps are critical to preventing theft or any structural damage associated with water damage and the possible resulting mold.

Contents Inventory and Pack Out - Your positions will be thoroughly inventoried and properly packed/boxed and sent to our secure, temperature controlled storage facility. Once at the facility professional cleaning techniques will remove soot and smoke odor to restore your personal possessions to pre-loss condition or better.

Structural Cleaning and Reconstruction - Rest assured, your home is in good hands. We will remove all the debris, clean and disinfect the structure, and rebuild your house. Our pre-screened, licensed, bonded, and insured contractors, who are familiar with fire restoration, will restore your house to being the home that you and your family remember.

* Within our service area (Boulder County)