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Asbestos Inspection and Mitigation Services


Asbestos Inspection and Mitigation



Any contractor in the state of Colorado, regardless of the age of your home, is required to have asbestos testing done to any potentially asbestos containing material, prior to removal.

See Asbestos Testing Requirement in the State of Colorado

Though it may seem a inconvenient, this regulation is in place for your protection. 24-7 takes your safety and the safety of those around you very seriously. We understand these regulations and what they mean to homeowners in restoration situations, and we comply with them in a seamless manner for our customers.

24-7 utilizes independent companies for all of our testing and removal services, (required) but we ensure these services are covered by your insurance company before commencing work. Multiple estimates are obtained and 24-7 uses only companies who have been thoroughly screen and are licensed, certified, and insured. This takes the guesswork out of your hands and insures that you are getting the best rate, and complying with State and Federal regulations. Most importantly, you can rest assured that your safety is our priority.