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Our Eco-Friendly Approach




At 24- Restoration, we have challenged ourselves to become a Green Certified Business. We are in the process of conducting a "green audit" and our certification is not complete yet. However, here is what we are currently doing:

I. Using Botanical Disinfectant/Cleaners on all water and sewer damage clean up jobs:

We utilize a non-toxic, botanically based disinfectant and cleaner called Benefect.

As the web site states, "Benefect's groundbreaking botanical technology is proven to kill over 99.99% of bacteria & surpasses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's efficacy requirements for broad spectrum hospital disinfectants."

We decided to use this product for 2 reasons:

1. The Health of our Customers & Crew:

Unlike most commercial cleaners and anti-microbial agents used in Water and Sewer Damage Cleanups, Benefect is harmless! It is safe for infants and the elderly. It is safe for everyone. The price of using Benefect for 24-7 Restoration is nearly 10X the amount of an ordinary anti-microbial cleaner, but it's worth it to us. Why wouldn't it be? The very health of our customers, crew and environment is on the line.

2. Environmental Concerns

When a Restoration Company comes into your home and sprays chemicals and then power washes them down the drain, where does the residue go? Are you concerned about the toxicity of these chemicals and where they end up? Eventually they seep into the ground water and into our lakes and rivers. They also infiltrate the air you breathe in your home.

If a disinfectant exists on the market that is benign and yet effective at killing pathogens in your water/sewer damage, why wouldn't you use it? It's safe for you, your family and the environment.

The decision to use this product on a daily basis addresses 3 (out of 11) components of the Green Audit:

  • Pollution Prevention
  • Chemical Reduction
  • Potential Pollutants

Click here to visit Benefect's website and get more info:

Here is a link to the MSDS sheet for Benefect products:

II. Green Office:

At 24-7, almost all of the paper products that we purchase for the office are recycled or post consumer waste products.

Recycle: We recycle: office paper, aluminum, glass, cardboard and plastic

Energy: Lights are turned off in rooms/offices/areas where employees are not working. Heating/cooling systems are on automatic settings for the optimal conservation of energy.

This addresses 3 more components of the Green Audit mandate to:

  • Recycle or Reuse Materials
  • Reduce Office Waste
  • Energy Savings

III. Top Down Drying/In Place Drying Method:

When drying out a building or home after flood or water damage, many companies will tear out everything affected. Our approach is to SALVAGE as much as we can by utilizing a simple drying method that can save carpet, floors, cabinets, etc. from being torn out. Of course, if there is sewage involved, it needs to be torn out. But in the instances of clean water, most building materials (carpet, drywall, studs, etc.) can be dried out completely and safely with good results. This often enables customers to stay in their homes during the dry out process and saves on a lot of waste. Read more under Equipment and Procedures.

This practice of business addresses one more Green Audit mandate:

  • Solid Waste Reduction

 Areas we are still working on:

  • Water Conservation
  • Reduce Vehicle Emissions
  • Purchase Used or Recycled Content
  • Environmentally Friendly Purchasing